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Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
  Conventional Initiating Devices
System Sensor’s i³™ Series photoelectric and photoelectric/ thermal smoke detectors represent a significant advancement in conventional detection, incorporating three key features: installation ease, intelligence, and instant inspection.

Installation ease. The i³ Series redefines installation ease with its plug-in design. This allows an installer to pre-wire the bases included with the heads. The large wire-entry port and in-line terminals provide ample room for neatly routing the wiring inside the base.
The base accommodates a variety of backbox mounting methods, as well as direct mounting with drywall anchors. To complete the installation, i³ Series heads plug into the base with a simple Stop-Drop ’N Lock™ action.

Intelligence. i³ Series detectors offer a number of intelligent features to simplify testing and maintenance. Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms, to minimize nuisance alarms, are standard in the i³ Series. When connected to the 2W-MOD loop test/maintenance module, two-wire i³ detectors are capable of generating a remote maintenance signal when they need cleaning. This signal is indicated by LEDs located at the module and at the panel. To read the sensitivity of i³ detectors, the SENS-RDR is a wireless device that displays sensitivity in terms of percent-per-foot obscuration.
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Mechanical Heat Detectore
  Conventional Initiating devices
System Sensor's 5600(A) Series mechanical heat detectors offer a low-cost option for porp erty protection against fire and for non-life-safety insalltions, where amoke detectors are inapppropriate.

Multiple Configurations. The 5600 (A) Series offers a full line of configurations to accommodate a broad range of applications. Both single-and dual-circuit models aer offered, each avalible for low- and high-temperature ratings with either fixed-temperature or combinatoin fixed- temperature/ rate-of-rise (ROR) activation, to accommodate field-trsting the unit.
Installatio Flexibility. To satisfy a variety of installations, the 5600 (A) Series easily mounts to single-gang and octagonal backboxes. These models also accommodact 4” (101.6mm) square backboxes when used with plaster ring The mounting bracket is reversible to allow for flush-and surface-mount backbox installations.
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Low-Profile Plug-In Photoelectric
and Ionization Smoke Detectors
  Conventional Initiating Devices
The System Sensor 1151 and 2151 are low-profile ionization and photoelectric, plug-in type smoke detector heads. They offer superb performance and reliability, meeting the stringent performance criteria designated by UL 268 and ULC, in a profile of just 1.66" (42 mm). Aesthetically pleasing to engineers, architects, building owners and homeowners, the 1151 and 2151 can be used with four different adapter bases in a variety of wiring configurations and voltages. Model 1151 (ionization sensor) and 2151 (photoelectronic sensor) share the same sleek low-profile design.
» Sleek, low-profile design - only 1.66" (42 mm).
» Same aesthetically pleasing housing design for ion and photo models.
» Two LEDs blink in standby mode, providing 360° visibility.
» Low standby current.
» Field sensitivity metering of detector to meet NFPA 72 requirement.
» Broad range of adapter bases available - four different voltages/ wiring configurations.
» Removable cover for field cleaning.
» Sealed against back pressure air flow, dirt and insects.
» Built-in tamper resistant feature.
» Built-in magnetic test switch.
» Head easily plugs into adapter mounting base.
» Remote LED option.
» Listed to UL 268.
» Auxiliary relay contacts (optional).
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