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Door intruder Alarm:
8 Zone LCD Display Control Panel With Built In 2 Message 30 Number Speech Dialer, Automatic Arming and Disarming, Remote Access Through Telephone and Separate Keypad.
Main Features:
» Micro-controller based
» 8 zones
» LCD display key pad and separate main control station
» Inbuilt speech dialer
» 2 messages
» 40 numbers
» Automatic arming and disarming
» Remote access through telephone
» Can be armed and disarmed through telephone
» Electrical devices can be operated through telephone
» Two individual user codes master and servant
» Can attach up to five additional remote key pads
  Solitaire Control Panel
P.I.R Motion Sensor
PIR Motion Sensor For Wired Control Panels.
Main Features:
» Passive Infra Red Sensor
» Pet Immunity
» Strong RF Immunity
» 12M X 12M Coverage Angle
» 100 Degree Coverage Angle
» White ABS Housing
Magnetic Contact 2 Wire For Intrusion Panels.
Main Features:
» 2 wire
» Opening gap 15 mm
» Available in black and white ABS bodies
» Epoxy based filling
  Magnetic Contact
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